Preparing the Small 300g Pudding

Preparing the Small 300g Pudding

2016 May 1st


Allow your pudding to thaw on your counter for a few hours, or overnight in your refrigerator


Remove the clear plastic lid, and cover the thawed pudding with foil. 


Ensure the foil is secured tightly around the pudding.



Place the small pudding in a pot lined with a trivet or cutlery on the bottom of the pot (can also use a vegetable steamer) over boiling water. You may use a vegetable steam basket as well - just ensure the water does not bubble into your pudding.


Cover and allow to steam through for approx. 20 minutes until warm and moist through. 


Add more water if necessary.


Serve with our Warm Vanilla Buttersauce!

(Recipe under the lid)

*We recommend steaming our puddings for the very best results. Although, if you are very careful, you can successfully warm them from a thawed state in a microwave oven on high inside a microwavable steamer container with water. Be VERY careful to not overcook - the pudding will turn rubbery.

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